NEW – Reclaimed Wood Doors

Steady Source of Antique Wood For Reclaimed Wood Doors 

…and Other Furniture

We have been able to develop a stable source of reclaimed wood for use in custom engineered reclaimed wood doors and wish for the news to spread,…so let everyone know. There are so many choices of designs out there many of which look fantastic in reclaimed wood.

Of course we can make your doors out of any wood you spec as well as the reclaimed woods available locally. If you are thinking more exotic wood then the answer is “yes” we can. It may take a little longer to source the raw materials but we can get it for you.

Really the only limitation is your imagination and budget.

We are now also using reclaimed wood for entry doors and door sets. WOW! …


These are available for any door application and size not just wine cellars so what are you waiting for !!!

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  1. Wat is the cost of the 36 in reclaimed lumber door? I would be looking for 3

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