Rustic Cabinets

Rustic Cabinets using 120 year old wood

A few months ago a client was looking into rustic cabinets for their home asked us to design and build them a rustic cabinet end table for their country estate. We had the reclaimed lumber in stock so we got to work and the result was a beautiful 28″ x 28″ sofa-height end table to go between 2 couches.

reclaimed wood furniture-black end table.02

reclaimed wood furniture-black end table.01

We finished the antique hemlock with a clear coat to seal it then we went over top with a sand-thru technique using water based black lacquer.

The end result was pretty awesome looking and we were specially proud of the fact that other than the few construction screws and the glue …the whole thing was built using antique wood inside and out.¬†The best part…The clients loved it.


Reclaimed Wood Possibilities

There’s a lot of room for personal expression when using reclaimed wood. Reusing old doors off an old kitchen that sport cracked and peeling paint and building a cabinet around them for a unique piece can look pretty, pretty cool. We’ve used glass doors that still have the old rolled glass in them preserved. While not every idea or combination is award winning, there is a lot of room for style and function that is pleasing to the eye and feels good knowing you have re-purposed something from the past into a piece you’ll always love.

rustic cabinets.reclaimed wood furniture



Consumer Reviews

  1. thanks for the info.

  2. I’ve been wanting my husband to build a piece like this for years….thanks for the pic, looking forward to your post.

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